The Thump By Bellesa: Full Sex Toy Review

I’ll just come right out and say it: Not once in my 28 years have I orgasmed from penetration alone. Clitoral stimulation is a must for me during both solo and partner play, and even then, a lot of sex toys I’ve tried aren’t strong enough to help me reach climax. I’m all too familiar with the struggle of chasing release and the near-painful frustration of not getting there, so when I stumbled across a sex toy that has a revolutionary clitoral “thumping” function, I knew I had to try it.

I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, but after testing the Thump by Bellesa, I’m extremely pleased to report that I’ve never orgasmed so quickly. So whether you’re trying to fit in a quick O or you want to have a long and leisurely pleasure session with back-to-back climaxing, trust me when I say that the Thump will be the sex toy you reach for every time. Here’s my full review of the Thump by Bellesa.

About the vibrator


The Thump by Bellesa is a sex toy that truly does it all. TrueFeel vibrations naturally complement the suction at the targeted base of this toy, while natural clitoral palpitations are served via innovative Thump technology on the back of the pop grip. At $119, you’ll be glad you made this mind-blowing investment.

This multi-function vibrator implements innovative Thump technology to deliver natural clitoral palpitations through a ridged pop grip. The ovular component gently vibrates while administering a tapping sensation on the clitoris. Yes, it’s just as mind-blowing as it sounds.

While the thumping effect is the main attraction of this one-of-a-kind sex toy, it has quite a few other bells and whistles that’ll have your lady bits singing. The Thump boasts a suction function on the opposite side of the pop grip. This gives you the option of switching up the type of clitoral stimulation based on your wants and needs. The sex toy also vibrates, and the function can either be utilized alone via the tapered end that’s perfect for pinpointing the clitoris, or you can activate the vibrations alongside the thumping or sucking components for an even more powerful vibe. Each of the three functions has five modes that increase the intensity of the effect, giving users the ultimate customizable experience.

The ergonomic device sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is made of silky-smooth silicone and is water-safe for those who like to take relaxation to new heights in the bathtub. The Thump also takes just two hours to recharge and comes in a discreet case for storage and charging via a micro USB cable. Finally (and arguably most importantly), your order will arrive in discreet packaging that prioritizes your privacy.


Because of its small size and ergonomic shape, the Thump is comfortable to use during both masturbation and partner play. While some sex toys are too bulky or oddly shaped to work well during partner sex, this vibrator is compact and slim enough to use in any position. I especially appreciate this because I like to use a vibrator during sex. My pre-Thump preference, a wand, isn’t compatible with a lot of partnered positions due to its long shape and large size. This vibrator, however, allows for a wider range of movement without sacrificing any pleasure.

Thanks to Bellesa’s generous 3-in-1 design, you can easily switch up the stimulation you want without having to swap toys mid-sex. If I’m having trouble reaching an orgasm while using a wand, I’ll switch to a suction toy, or vice versa. In that case, I’m turning toys on and off and reaching for them in the middle of sex, which can disrupt the flow of intimacy. With the Thump, all I have to do is adjust the position of the toy and continue on my merry way to release.

Bellesa also notes that while the device was designed for external clitoral stimulation, it can also be used externally on the nipples and anal region. This gives you even more ways to spice things up in the bedroom. I’ve explored both with my husband and found the sensations to be uniquely pleasurable.

The Thump features three buttons, one for each function. They can be held down to activate each setting and pressed once to toggle between the five modes. The sex toy can be turned off and on by holding down any button for three seconds. It may sound complicated, but I promise it’s very intuitive and easy to use.


Even on its lowest settings, the Thump is powerful enough to elicit a gasp. I find this extremely impressive since a lot of cordless, small-sized devices fall flat when it comes to intensity. As previously mentioned, the variety of modes and the ability to use functions simultaneously can really ratchet up the intensity. This is great for users who need more powerful stimulation to reach climax. As a member of the “more is more” camp, I love using the thump and vibrate functions simultaneously at full power for a quick and ultra-satisfying orgasm. And when used during penetrative sex, the intensity of the pleasure is heightened even more.

Even on its lowest settings, the Thump is powerful enough to elicit a gasp.


In addition to being functional for both solo and partner play, the Thump is the queen of functionality. Many users rave in reviews about the ability to reach not just one orgasm but several in a single session with the help of the multi-use device. I can attest, along with the hundreds of happy Thumpers, that more than one climax is not only possible but should be expected. Whenever I’ve used the vibrator, both alone and with my husband, it’s been easy to orgasm more than once—sometimes even back to back. If you want to feel like a limp noodle post-sex, the Thump will definitely do the trick!

With a 4.75-star rating and customization options that tailor the experience to your needs, the Thump deserves a place in your collection of sex toys. Even if you’re new to incorporating devices into your sex life, this toy is a fantastic starter gadget due to its ease of use and effectiveness.


The Thump isn’t completely silent, but for a vibrator, it’s pretty quiet—especially if you’re only using one function. The higher you toggle the intensity, the louder the toy gets. The same is true for using more than one function at once. The suction setting is definitely the loudest of the three, but I can confirm through closed-door testing that you can’t hear the Thump outside the room it’s being used in, regardless of the setting or intensity it’s set to.


At $119, Bellesa’s Thump device is not on the cheapest end of the pricing spectrum, but it’s quite a deal considering the 3-in-1 functionality, the luxe quality of the materials, the waterproof and rechargeable elements, and the modern aesthetic of the design. Quality devices are often made with safer materials, include a wider variety of features and intensity modes, and last longer than cheaper options, which is why buying a sex toy at a higher price is worth it. Not to mention, your pleasure is worth the splurge!

Final thoughts

Whether you’re new to sex toys or a total novice, Bellesa’s Thump is an unintimidating device that delivers plenty of satisfaction in the clitorial stimulation department. With customizable settings and multiple functions, the toy has something to offer everyone in the market for an effective external vibrator. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the design is a cute addition to your spicy nightstand drawer. Some may consider the price tag to be a bit high, but if you told me I could orgasm back-to-back anytime I reach for it, I’d consider it a sound investment in my sex life. Now that I’ve put the Thump to the test, I can confirm it’s just that.


The Thump by Bellesa is a sex toy that truly does it all. TrueFeel vibrations naturally complement the suction at the targeted base of this toy, while natural clitoral palpitations are served via innovative Thump technology on the back of the pop grip. At $119, you’ll be glad you made this mind-blowing investment.

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